The Pumpkin List

This is a list of pumpkin products I have consumed so far.  If possible I will provide the link so you can see what deliciousness I am currently indulging in.

As of 11/18/13

  • Pumpkin Hershey Kisses-- I'm almost completely positive that I am not a fan.  1 takes ok.  2 start to taste funny.  And by the 3rd you'll wish you never tried one because by then they're kind of gross..
  • Pumpkin Donut from DunkinDonuts-- It was ok.  Slightly dry.  I prefer the ones from Stewarts or Price Chopper much better.
  • Pumpkin Fluff Dip--One of my co-workers brought this to a party last week.  Although she did not put it into a pumpkin, I couldn't stop eating it.  I would have licked the bowl if it hadn't been scraped clean.

As of 10/21/13--

  • Pumpkin Tea
  • Pumpkin Bread, made by one of the ladies in my office and left in the break room in order to ruin everyone's diet
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream This is like my crack.  You can only get in from the counter, and I can easily finish a hand packed pint all by myself in under half an hour.
  • Pumpkin Lollipop This is an interesting one.  I'm not so sure how I feel about the orange and pumpkin mixture.  One of my patients works for Charms and always brings in different treats, and this is one of the more unusual ones.
  • Pepperidge Farm Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Swirl Bread. I cannot find a link to this, and I've only been able to find it twice in the grocery store, both times at Shop Rite.  I like it toasted with butter, cinnamon and sugar.  However, if you want to go nuts, try it with Pumpkin Cream Cheese

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